Salon Posh


At Posh Salon, our staff is divided into four different levels. We base these levels on experience, education and amount of time employed here. Because each level has an increase in cost, these options offer a variety of price points for economies of scale.

Our first level is called the Stylist level. A Posh Stylist can either be a new hire with experience, or a former Assistant who has recently obtained their New York State Cosmetology license. Typically, our Stylists are at Posh Salon for three years or less, during which time they attend weekly classes to further their education.

A Senior is someone who started as a Stylist and has passed several continued education tests. Seniors are typically with Posh Salon for a minimum of four years before they are promoted to this advanced status.

Our third level is our Designer level. Designers have a proven track record and a minimum of six years with Posh Salon. They are often part of our education program, mentoring and teaching the Senior and Stylist levels. Designers usually specialize in a particular skill (Bayalage, Bob Haircuts, etc.) and are often our busiest operators.

Master status is Posh Salon’s highest honor. A true Master is one who has a minimum of ten years experience and has traveled across the world to attend various continued education classes. To be a Master means you are committed to your craft and continue to strive for excellence.